Rising Above the Rest – The Future of Currency

Total Amount Raised:
Bitcoin: 168.56
Ethereum: 8124.97

88 Coin is a visionary new cryptocurrency positioned to deliver on the promise of advanced ethereum blockchain infrastructure. It will offer contemporary solutions to archaic financial restrictions allowing its users to rise above. 88 Coin‘s mission is to enact a progressive plan that brings the future into focus.

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88 Coin presale is now live. Buy your tokens through Waves or Ethereum.

To contribute to the ICO please send funds to the wallets below.

 Bitcoin: 15mVud5D1ewf9irPxHa64weDrnZmDFnYBW

 Ethereum: 0x7B0811e578349160e3784d438F5395F8a76186f9

What is 88 Coin?

88 Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency poised to change the financial landscape on a global scale.  This open source currency will be the first step in removing the traditional limits of a FIAT based banking system.  With advanced blockchain technology as a foundation, any transaction, whether deposit, withdrawal or transfer, will be done in a near instantaneous and secure fashion.  This promises to be a significant improvement not only from existing financial institutions but from recent cryptocurrency advancements.  88 Coin’s structure will permit verification without 3rd party involvement, while allowing users freedom with their financial decisions.  These new-found efficiencies will erase borders literally opening up a world of possibilities.

Early adopters of 88 Coin will be well positioned in the current ICO environment to take advantage of this ground breaking opportunity.

The roadmap for any successful advancement requires benchmarks to integrate users fully into new technologies.  88 Coin will achieve this with the introduction of 88 Card.  Users can make regular transactions anywhere on the planet without the fear of their personal data being compromised.  At the same time earning cash back in the form of tokens as a reward program.  A shielded connection to a personalized 88 Wallet promises to deliver full confidentiality.  The 88 Wallet will offer a platform to store not only 88 Coin but other cryptocurrencies.  With built in flexibility,  88 Wallet holders will be able to respond to market volatility in a secure and efficient manner.

88 Coin Features

88 Coin brings the advantages of emerging Blockchain to the everyday world.  Our platform is engineered with fundamental principles that guarantee user freedom and satisfaction.  These key features set 88 Coin apart.


88 Coin, based on Ethereum blockchain technology, allows for a secure structure which eliminates any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. While cash can be stolen or lost, 88 Coin will always remain safe.


88 Coin along with its related services (88 Wallet and  88 Card) have been developed in response to the longstanding problem of strict institutional control. These new developments promise to revolutionize the use of cryptocurrency, making it accessible to everyone around the world instantaneously. The technology is the first of its kind and will introduce unprecedented access to global financial markets.


The 88 Team is well prepared to deal with any user needs in this fast paced and ever changing environment. Decentralized does not mean unattended. 88 Coin users will enjoy 24 hour support at the click of a button, anytime anywhere. Live work play in confidence.

88 Coin Card

To better integrate 88 Coin with the existing financial system we introduce our users to 88 Card. Maintain old world connections while taking advantage of new world flexibility and security.

Plan a trip, book your flight, buy drinks on a beach, access your funds and exchange rate worries are a thing of the past. Enjoy confidential secure transactions anywhere on the globe all the while earning cash rewards directly into your 88 Wallet. The cash back rewards total is exclusively dependent on the purchase date of 88 coin. Please see token purchase page for more details.

Let 88 Card be your gateway into a whole new world.

88 Wallet

88 Wallet is another crucial component of the 88 Coin platform. This easy to navigate application will allow you to purchase, sell, send, receive and exchange your 88 Coin in a secure fashion. All without any delays.

The application, whether on your smartphone or desktop, will contain a realtime transaction list and exchange history. The ability to set alerts or buy/sell orders means users are always well positioned to take advantage of market opportunities.

The versatility of 88 Wallet gives users the option to manage not only 88C but also BTC/ETH/LTC.

Make decisions and execute your plans in seconds.

88 Roadmap

88 White Paper

The 88 white paper will provide all details of the 88 Coin Platform and contains information about the funding plans and objectives.

88 Coin presale is now live. Buy your tokens through Waves or Ethereum.

To contribute to the ICO please send funds to the wallets below.

 Bitcoin: 15mVud5D1ewf9irPxHa64weDrnZmDFnYBW

 Ethereum: 0x7B0811e578349160e3784d438F5395F8a76186f9

88 Team

Markus Lee – CEO

Susan Zhang – Blockchain Developer

Ryan Wu – Blockchain Developer

Leo Chen – Investment Banking

Mat Kirk – Web Developer

Stephanie Huang – Software Architect


3/F, No. 179, Fuhuiyuan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City, Taichung, 40758, Taiwan